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Feed Filters

The JIRA feed offers filters to work quickly with the JIRA feed. It should support power-users to work with a bunch of issues with the same criteria. It's only a local filter on the issues that already exist in the feed.


Setting up Feed Filters

Feed Filters are preconfigured by default, but you can add filter criteria you need or remove the ones you don't need to keep the UI lean.

In the JIRA settings (icon in the upper right corner) you can maintain your Feed Filter Settings:

Left column shows available filters, the filters in the right column will be displayed within the feed. Choose your settings and please do not forget to save.


Set Filters

 You can set the filters in the feed. Open the filters sidebar with "Show Filter":


Here you can quickly select the filters you need.


Filters of the same kind will concatinated with "or" while different types will be concatinated with "and".

E.g. the example above, the feed will show all issues of project "Demonstration Project" AND are of type "Task".


Please note: The filters works on local issues only and they only show attributes that have values. As an example, if you have in JIRA project A,B and C - but in your local feed you only have issues of project A, the filter for projects will only show Project A, not B and C.


Save Filters

Especially Powerusers that needs the feed more often can save sets of filters.

E.g. all issues I'm assigned to with priority "Major".

So you click on "Add saved filters", choose the correct filter values, give it a name and save it.

This filter can then be used just like any other filter criteria:


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