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Licensing Overview

JIRA for Outlook needs to be licensed per user.

Pricing differs fundamentally between JIRA OnPremise and JIRA Cloud. Feel free to download our pricing factsheet with a more detailed summary of the various licensing types or continue reading here.


For JIRA OnPremise

JIRA for Outlook has a risk-free 30 days trial without limitations. After the trial time, the Outlook add-on will stop working.

OnPremise licenses are paid one time only without fixed recurring fees. All prices include updates for the upcoming year.

Flexible Licensing

JIRA for Outlook can be purchased individually for exactly the number of users you need. The price per user is $79.90. Flexible licensing allows you to purchase new licences any time.Independent of the number of licenses this includes one year of maintenance services.

JIRA for Outlook works with all version, starting with JIRA 6.0. If you upgrade JIRA to a newer version within the maintenance period, you will get the necessary updates as part of maintenance services.


 These include:

  • a yasoon company account to easily facilitate users and installation files
  • prioritized support
  • new updates and features
  • regular bug fixes
  • updates for the latest JIRA release

If you want to purchase new licenses and buy at least 50% of the number of current licenses in your possession, your maintenance period will be extended to 12 months. With an amount of less than 50% of your existing licenses, the deadline for maintenance service will remain untouched.

You can extend your maintenance period at any time at 50% discount of the current pricing.

Bundled Licensing

Similar to Atlassian, JIRA for Outlook offers the following highly discounted bundles. Be aware of the fact that the users of the JIRA for Outlook bundle need to match the number of users of your JIRA OnPremise.

Maintenance is included for the next 12 months upon purchase. If you want to upgrade from Flexible to Bundled Licensing please contact your sales contact or our support at 


For JIRA Cloud

Cloud Pricing is paid monthly via your Atlassian bill and you can cancel the subscription at any time. Included in the licensing package is a complete maintenance service with the features listed above.

Flexible Licensing

JIRA Cloud cannot be bought for fewer users than your JIRA instance has, as it is payed via Atlassian.

You’ll have to license all your JIRA Cloud users. Please contact your sales contact or our support at for more information.

Per User Licensing

The Cloud pricing is on a per user basis with different bundles to include mass discounts. The number of JIRA for Outlook users needs to match the number of users of your JIRA Cloud instance.




1 - 100



Price / month


$2,50 per user

$250 + $0,50 per additional user

$325 + $0,30 per additional user

Calculation Example:

Lets say your JIRA instance has 200 users. User 1-100 cost $2,50 per user, which makes it $250 for the first 100 users per month. For user number 101-200 you have a discounted pricing of $0,50 per user. That makes it $50 for the second 100 users per month. In total your cloud pricing would be $300/month.

If you upgrade JIRA to a higher user tier, Atlassian will automatically adjust the licensing number for JIRA for Outlook. 

Your JIRA for Outlook will always work with the current JIRA Cloud version. If Atlassian releases a newer JIRA version which requires and update of JIRA for Outlook, this is of course included in your subscription.

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