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Functional Overview

JIRA for Outlook has the following features to accelerate your daily work and make JIRA easier to use.


Create New Issues based on emails

 You can upload whole emails or just parts of it and create new issues.

 Add E-Mail Information to existing issues

Of course you can also add information from emails to existing issues and upload attachments.


When using our addon, we save as much information as possible to make your work even more smoothly. 

E.g. we add a "JIRA hat" to emails you have already used and uploaded to JIRA. As soon as we know the link between email and JIRA, there are plenty of quick actions available to further speed up your work.

 JIRA Inbox

Forget about tons of JIRA notification emails. The JIRA Inbox shows all relevant changes in an interactive overview. Reply, edit or set a a new status directly within Outlook.

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