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Integrate your team in daily operations

Wunderlist for Outlook is already amazing on its own. It gets even better when you include the people surrounding you in your daily tasks. That is why you can find the following features below to upgrade your team experience. Here, you can get more information regarding team licenses.

1. Share Lists 

As soon as you share lists in your Wunderlist account you are able to see an additional feature in the Wunderlist for Outlook sidebar:


Make sure that the people you intend to share your lists with either already have an account themselves or accept your invitation. Otherwise their names won’t be depicted in your list.

2. Assign to

By clicking on “Assign to” you can open a register of people whom you shared your list with. Select the person you want to allocate the to-do to and he or she will receive a notification regarding this operation. Additionally, Wunderlist for Outlook allows you to send explanations or a personal note in the email synced with your task.


3. Comment

Now, that you and your team know how to assign to-dos to one another, you may have questions, ideas or feedback regarding the newly allocated assignments. Even this is no obstacle with Wunderlist for Outlook! You can simply use the comment feature in the Wunderlist sidebar and the person you shared the task with will receive a notification about the new comment.


4. Categorize

You can categorize your tasks even further. After assigning your to-dos you have the option to tag the particular task with a certain category. For instance, you can give it the name of the person you just assigned the task to or use other categories like #improvement. Of course these categories are also synced with emails in relation to the task at hand. 


5. Tracking

Labeling to-dos by name (see point 4) may help you keeping track of tasks you delegated. Additionally, you can also schedule reminders for check-ins or include collecting feedback as subtask in the assignment. 


Tip: If you want to have an overview of tasks and their due date in your calendar, you may have to change the calendar settings.

1. Switch to the Outlook calendar view

2. Select "View" -> "Display Task List" -> Normal

Now you should be able to see your tasks in an additional window at the bottom.


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