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Licensing General

A Lifetime of Efficiency 

Are you interested in purchasing a permanent license of Wunderlist for Outlook? Here you can learn more about licensing your new time management tool!



Wunderlist for Outlook has a free trial for 30 days without limitations. Afterwards it will stop syncing. 

Where can I purchase a permanent license?

You need to open your Outlook email account in order to purchase the license. Simply open the Wunderlist tab and select “Purchase.” Once you decide on the number of licenses, you will have to complete the form with the required payment information. 

Which type of license should I buy?

As soon as you click on the “Purchase” button another window will open where you can choose between single or team licenses.

Team licenses are ideal if you would like to increase collaboration within your office and if you are looking for an easy way to transfer and share to-dos with your colleagues, friends or family.

Single licenses are for the independent users who seek an inexpensive way to manage their daily operations.

Validity of License

A license is valid for up to 3 computers and will automatically be pulled if you are using the same email account.

If you need to transfer a license to another email account, please contact our

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