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Switch Data File

Outlook needs a data file to store your Wunderlist tasks. This has been chosen during the initial setup by selecting your email address.

However, there might be reasons to move your tasks from one data file to another. Most often you'll be asked by the support team to switch to a new data file.


Open the Wizard

To start the wizard, please open the Outlook File Menu --> Wunderlist and choose button "Switch Data File".


Confirm Popup

Switching the data file has a deep inpact on the solution, so you need to confirm you have read this instructions and you know what you are doing.

Select new Data File

Afterwards, please select the new store. This can be either another email account or - in most cases - a new data file.

All your Wunderlist tasks will be stored in this file afterwards.

Note: Data loss! Please consider the "remove items from old data file" checkbox.

If this is checked, all your task folders for Wunderlist will be deleted in the old data file and recreated in the new one. Please make sure you do not have any tasks in these folders that are not yet in sync with Wunderlist as they will get deleted permanently.




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