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Duplicate Tasks

The synchronization of to-dos is quite complex and there are two different types of task duplication.

Before looking for a solution, you'll need to figure out if there are really duplicate tasks or if they are just displayed twice.

To do so, please have a look into a specific Wunderlist task folder and check if the tasks are duplicated in there.


Duplicate Tasks and Wunderlist for Outlook is only installed on one computer

Duplicated tasks should never happen if your are using only 1 computer with Wunderlist for Outlook installed.

Please raise a ticket or send a mail to


Duplicate Tasks and Wunderlist for Outlook is installed on multiple computers

Using Wunderlist for Outlook on multiple computer may lead to problems if the computers are already connected, e.g. via an Exchange Server.

In these cases, the tasks are synchronized via the Exchange and via the Wunderlist for Outlook add-on leading to duplicated to-dos.

We highly recommend to use an own Data file on every computer in these scenarios.


Tasks are just displayed two times by Outlook

If the tasks are only displayed twice in the overview page and not in a single folder this may have several reasons. Outlooks overview pages summarizes all tasks (and with that we really mean all tasks) within your Outlook account.

This means it also includes tasks from your recycle bin or other folders.

Please check the following:

  • there are no tasks in the recycling bin
  • you haven't accidentally moved or copied some Wunderlist folders
  • the overview page is not sorted by "categories"

If all of this is not the case, please raise a ticket or send a mail to



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