Settings in Detail

As we add more and more settings to customize Wunderlist for Outlook to your needs, here is an explanation of all our possibilities:


General Settings

  • Show Alerts: Enabled by default.
    If you get new todos from coworkers we'll notify you about that with a small alert.

  • Show Welcome Popup:
    On Outlook start we show a popup that explains the main features. Can be either turned off in the popup itself or with this setting
  • Keep completed Outlook tasks: Disabled by default.
    Usually we remove completed to-dos from Outlook to keep it simple. If you'd like to keep completed Wunderlist to-dos in Outlook, you can make a mark here.
    Please note: completed tasks will be frozen to the time of completion. That means, if you change the to-do on Wunderlist after completion, this will not be reflected to the Outlook task! Only if you uncomplete the task, Outlook will refresh accordingly again.


Outlook Categories

  • Add Tags(#) as task Categories: Enabled by default.
    In Wunderlist you can structure tasks with #tags. If there is a #tag in the to-do title, you can find other to-dos with that tag.
    Wunderlist for Outlook can sync these #tags as task categories. This allows you to quickly find other tasks with the same category as well.
    Example: you could tag to-dos with #todo, #improvement and #bug. This would lead to Outlook tasks with this categories and you can find all improvements more easily.

  • Add Category to Emails: Disabled by default.
    If you create a to-do based on an email, this option would add a "Wunderlist" category to the email. This let's you quickly find mails that have been turned into Wunderlist todos.


  • Always add Email as .msg file: Disabled by default.
    If you create a to-do based in an email, this will upload the email as .msg file to the wunderlist todo.

List selection

  • E-Mail list: default inbox.
    Default list for to-dos that have been created based on an email.

  • Quick-Create list: default inbox.
    Default list for to-dos that have been created with the QuickCreate Button in Outlook.
  • Sync Lists: default set by user during initial setup.
    Select lists that should be synced with Wunderlist.
    Please note: We will not delete your Outlook tasks. So if you want to remove a list from Outlook, you should dismark it here for further syncs and delete the whole list (task folder) manually.
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