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Migrate existing Outlook Tasks to Wunderlist

Migrating existing Outlook tasks to Wunderlist is a major part of harmonizing your task management.

Wunderlist for Outlook can do this easily.


How to migrate?

After you have setup the Wunderlist setup, every list gets an own Outlook task folder. Just move your existing tasks into the corresponding folders and they will get uploaded to the corresponding list.


What gets migrated?

We take over all fields that are supported by Wunderlist. This means:

  • Subject as Title
  • Body as Note
  • Due Date
  • Reminder Date (if in the future)
  • Attachments

Note: Wunderlist does not support text formatting within Notes. If you use advanced formatting this may get lost during migration.

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    Shelly Jean John

    Does this work with Outlook for Mac?

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