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Login Error: Single Sign On Active

This error occurs, in most cases, when you are using a SSO solution to handle the login to JIRA.

As there are different JIRA addons in the marketplace, there are different solutions to this issue. In case the addon you are using to use SSO is not listed, please contact us - we'll make sure to provide you with fitting instructions!

Solving the issue for EasySSO

To fix the issue for the Easy SSO plugin for JIRA, please follow the following steps.

  1. Log in to JIRA and go to the configuration page of Easy SSO.
  2. Switch to the "User Agent Filtering Configuration" tab, as shown below
  3. Add the following text to the "User-Agent Excluded Rules" text box (the second one). If you have already existing entries, please put it into a new line:
  4. Please make sure to add it exactly like that, so that it matches the UserAgent string which Outlook uses. Save the configuration - Outlook & JIRA for Outlook should now be able to access JIRA.
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