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What does "Force Local Data File" mean? Should I use it?

Short answer: You probably shouldn't. 

Long answer: We determine - based on a specific set of rules - if we are going to store your Wunderlist to-dos in your account (e-mail address) data file in Outlook, or if we are going to create a new, independent one. 

The reason for this is, that some Outlook accounts (Exchange/POP3) are quite nice to work with, performance wise and overall behavior. Some others (like IMAP, Exchange in Online Mode) are performing quite poorly and will slow your Outlook down, so we create a separate file to store the tasks, to ensure smooth operations!

Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to actually force this behavior. We can think of different reasons to do so:

  • You have multiple computers with Outlook open at the same time, using the same account via Exchange. This is a use case we don't support (yet) and will (currently) lead to duplication of tasks. In this case, please use a local file on all (!) computers
  • You don't want your personal to-dos on your company's Exchange server, but rather in a local file
  • You don't like when your tasks are synced to your phone, because you receive multiple notifications for your due to-dos (from Wunderlist & Outlook)

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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