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Are recurring to-dos supported?

Kind of. It currently works like this:

Recurring Wunderlist To-Dos

  • Recurring Wunderlist to-dos are synced as "normal" tasks to Outlook.
  • If you complete such a task from Outlook / Wunderlist, a new task will be created by Wunderlist. This will result in a new task with a different date, which then will be synced again to Outlook.

Recurring Outlook Tasks

  • Recurring Outlook tasks are synced as "normal" to-dos to Wunderlist.
  • If you complete such a task from Outlook / Wunderlist, on the next sync with Outlook, Outlook will create a new task, which then will be created on Wunderlist again.

It might seem a little counterintuitive to not sync recurring to-dos as recurring tasks, but think about the consequences: Upon completion, Outlook and Wunderlist will both create a new task/to-do, so you would end up with two new tasks. 

We will support creating recurring Wunderlist to-dos as well in a future update, though this probably won't be possible using the native Outlook UI. Follow our Trello board for updates.

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