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Getting Started


After you downloaded "Wunderlist for Outlook" from our homepage and installed it, please make sure to restart your Outlook. Afterwards, you'll be presented with a features window, which will show you the main features of our app.


Initial Login

You'll need to follow a few steps to get Wunderlist up and running in your Outlook inbox.

In the Welcome Dialog you can press Start Now and follow the wizard.

Alternativly, please click the new Wunderlist tab on the top of your Outlook and click "Login".

You'll see a new window, where you are asked to select your e-mail address. Please also select if you want to sent us error logs from your Outlook and if you would like to receive e-mails when we provide updates.

The e-mail address you select does not need to be the same as you have used for your Wunderlist account. If you are using and select an Exchange account, we will sync the Wunderlist to-dos to this server as well. In addition we will use this email for the newsletters (if marked)

If you click "Continue with Login", you will be taken to the familiar Wunderlist login, where you can enter your credentials. You will be asked to give your permission to access your account, please do so. 



 First Settings

Wunderlist for Outlook will sync all your uncompleted to-dos into Outlook. You can decide if you'd like to have all to-dos synced (default) or only certain lists.


Afterwards, we will start to sync your to-dos to Outlook. Depending on the amount of to-dos, this will take some time to complete.


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