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Add Mails to Issues

Often you'll receive emails that contains useful information to solve an issue, but it is really hard to upload the information.

Attachments needs to be saved manually and emails loose their formatting. With JIRA for Outlook you can quickly add comments based on emails or attachments to existing issues.

How to access

Use the "Add to Issue" button on any selected email or selected text.


How it looks like


How to select the issue


You first need to select an issue. You can:

  • Directly open the issue dropdown and select a recently used issue
  • Select a project and pick the issue within the selected project
  • Freely search within the issue box. Just start typing in the issue dropdown.

This should give you enough flexibility to quickly find your issues.

What can you do with it?

  • First you can enter a comment. Most of the time the field will be prepopulated by what you have selected but you can give additional notes. You also have the action buttons "Add" and "Replace with" that gives you content from the email you have used to open the dialog.

    Note: You can also leave the comment field blank if you just want to upload an attachment.
  • Select one or more attachments. Attachments from the email are automatically added to the clipboard. Also the email itself is available as .msg file and ready to be uploaded.


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