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Create new to-dos based on Emails

Creating new Wunderlist to-dos based on emails is one of the major core functionalities that differentiates Wunderlist for Outlook from other apps and clients.

You have two possibilities:


Use a full email to create a to-do

Since everyone has a preferred way of working with emails, you have multiple options to create new to-dos based on emails. 

  • The first option is to choose a list via the ribbon located in the top toolbar of your inbox.
  • Or you can find the same ribbon inside an email if you open it in a new window
  • The last possibility is to right-click on the email and choose the entry in the context menu


Afterwards, a small and optimized popup will show up.

You can then change the title of the to-do and select which attachments of the email should be uploaded to Wunderlist.


All references between mail and to-do will be created automatically, so you'll always find the to-do or email easily.

Please Note: Wunderlist does not support any formatting inside the to-do body, so Wunderlist for Outlook will transfer the text of the email to Wunderlist. In most cases this just results in unreadable trash. Instead it will add information about the mail so you'll easily find it again.


Use parts of an email to create new todos

If you like to transfer important information from an email to Wunderlist, you can just select the relevant parts within the email and choose to create a new to-do in the right-click context menu.

This also opens a new popup with a prepopulated to-do title.

 But in this case Wunderlist for Outlook will take over the text as body.


Special case: Bullet point lists

With Wunderlist for Outlook you can easily turn bullet points into Wunderlist to-dos with each line representing a separate to-do. To do so, make sure to only select the bullet points you want to transfer.

This will directly create the to-dos in Wunderlist with the bullet point as title.


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