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Create new to-dos in Outlook

With Wunderlist for Outlook you can quickly create new to-dos. We want to support your existing workflows so we have a bunch of possibilities to work with Wunderlist. Choose the ones that fit your workflow:

The QuickCreate Menu is intended to - as the name already says - quickly create a new to-do in Wunderlist. It will not have any reference to an email.

It is available in the top toolbar of important Outlook pages:

  • In the email inbox
  • Calendar Overview
  • Task Overview

Just select the list where you want to add the to-do

Afterwards you have an optimized and fast input dialog to enter the to-do title.

The dialog is input optimized, so you can directly start typing and press enter to submit the to-do. 

That's it. Two clicks and you are done. Quick and simple.


    • Use the button on top of your inbox or the email window
    • Right-Click on an email
    • Select text in an email and right-click
    • Select a list of bullet points

 This is explained in more detail here.

  This is explained in more detail here.

To get started, switch to the Outlook task view and select the list in which the new to-do(s) should be created. 

To create a new to-do, just click "Click here to add a new task" and enter your to-do title. Hit enter to create it. After a few seconds (~5), the category "Wunderlist" will be added to your new to-do, which indicates, that it has successfully been created on Wunderlist. The Wunderlist sidebar will now be available when you open the task.

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