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Technical Admin Guide (Server)

This guide only applies if the automatic configuration ("Add Application Link") is not successful. Please contact us as well if this is the case for you, as we try to improve the automatic version constantly.

The following is a complete walkthrough, if you are only looking to set up the application link, skip to "Application Link".

 Access JIRA for Outlook Admin Area

After the installation of the addon, you'll need to reload the page to see the new navigation links. Inside the JIRA addon administration, you'll find the entry "Outlook App" in the navigation bar.

After the installation you'll get asked for a yasoon Company Account. You can either directly create one for your company or login with an existing one. The yasoon account is mandatory and makes it easy to distribute the setup files and manage future updates.

After the registration you can see a brief overview about your JIRA for Outlook addin. It'll show your Account Status, the public certificate for your application link, as well as the download link for the setup file.


Application Link

The whole communication between yasoon and Jira is SSL encrypted so you need to add the certificate in yasoon as well as in Jira. In preperation for the settings below, you'll need to have an public/private key pair.

  • Recommended: Use the auto-generated certificate
    As soon as you registered the JIRA instance with yasoon, we automatically generate a new certificate for you. This certificate is added when clicking "Add Application Link" button. The private one is already registered at our yasoon administration panel.

  • Create a key manually
    If the generation of the application link fails, or you want to do this manually, please visit the following page: Generate Certificate. If you need to generate an own certificate due to corporate restrictions, please contact us.


JIRA Configuration

Yasoon uses oAuth 1.0a to connect to your Jira instance. You explicitly need to create a new oAuth provider so yasoon can connect to it.

Open Jira and open the addon administration.

Afterwards open the menu "Application links" and create a new link for ""

In the Creation dialog just enter the following mandatory values:

Application Name: Yasoon Outlook Integration

Application Type: Generic Application

Save your application


Now edit your newly created application and switch to "Incoming authentification".

Enter the following values:

Consumer Key: yasoonjira

Consumer Name: Jira for Outlook

Description: Anything that helps your users to identify which system it is

Public Key: The public certificate, including the "-- BEGIN --" part (see chapter security certificates above)

Consumer Callback URL: http://oauth.yasoon/v1/com.yasoon.jira/auth


After saving all changes, the private key needs to be entered in the yasoon admin panel. Please visit it via the link in the JIRA addon. Select your JIRA instance and paste the private key. Afterwards, you can start using JIRA for Outlook.



  • Are there any data exposed externally?

No, the yasoon clients (local Outlook) pull the data directly from Jira. No external server or services are used

  • Is it working if Jira is behing a Firewall and needs VPN?

Yes, as long as the Client is inside your corporate network, everything works fine.

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