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Yasoon Overview

What is yasoon?

Yasoon connects your Outlook to your favorite cloud services. So you can connect it to projectmanagement systems, ticketing solutions or file sharing services. You download yasoon once and install it locally on your PC.

Typically Outlooks gets more and more unstable and slower if there are multiple plugins installed. Don't worry - yasoon apps do not pollute your Outlook! You can run as many apps as you like without noticeable performance loses.


Yasoon Requirements

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Registration process

After the first start of yasoon it asks you to register. This needs to be done for several reasons:

  • Most important we need to know which email account we should use to store local data like calendars, tasks, contacts
  • We keep track of your versions. If you install yasoon at another PC, we replicate the same apps over
  • We may add some more use-cases in the future

To start the registration, just click on the yasoon tab:

After clicking next on the welcome screen, you are asked to maintain some very basic personal information

After that you need to maintain your account settings:

Choose email account: Lists all your email adresses. Choose your main email!

Save yasoon items in: This field is only available in some rare cases. Sometimes your selected mail adress does not provide a place to store calendar items. Only in these cases you need to select a store manually.

Choose your language: Currently only english!

Send errors to yasoon: You can participate in our user expience programm. Often there are minor errors in the background you never notice - but your client will send them to us so we can fix them. We never send any personal information with that error!

Get yasoon newsletter: From time to time we send a newsletter with news and update information. If you like to stay tuned, don't miss that!

Proxy settings: If you are behind a proxy and yasoon cannot access the internet, we need to enter your proxy url, userdata and password.

That's all! Afterwards the setup configured Outlook and finishes the registration.


Introducing yasoon store

Depending which version of yasoon you have downloaded, the setup contains a predelivered app (we call that bundle) that is automatically installed. E.g. if you came from Basecamp, yasoon will automatically install the basecamp app for you.

In all other cases, you need to download the apps you want to use manually. You can do this with a single click within yasoon. Click on the yasoon tab and switch to the store in the header navigation


Install apps

Click on the app you want to install. You can see the overview page with all information about the app including some screenshots and description of the main functionalities as well as reviews of other users.

If you like what you see, you can directly install the app. Depending on the app, we may ask you explitly for some authorizations, as you know it from smartphone apps.

This makes it transparent, which personal information may be accessed by the app.


(De-)activating apps

You can see a list of all your installed apps in the store in the category "Own Apps". You can also directly access this via the top-menu navigation in the upper right corner:

Here you can see your current plan and toggle the activity of each app:


Configure apps

Each app has it's own setting menu. This can also be access via your profile in the upper right corner

You can then choose for which app you want to maintain the settings. Check the help of the corresponding app for a detailed description.



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