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Files and Attachments

yasoon provides a common file and attachment handling. This File Chooser can be found in several apps like Jira and Basecamp. It provides a unified dialog that allows you to upload local files and attachments to your connected services.


Yasoon Clipboard

The selected tab with the yasoon logo is the yasoon clipboard. You can add files from Outlook to this clipboard and reuse them later when uploading files.


Add Files to the Clipboard

There are currently two ways to add files into the clipboard

  • Attachments

You can use any attachment in emails (or calendar entries), right-click on them and add them to the clipboard

  • Links

You can also use links in emails to download files with one click into the clipboard.


Upload Files from Clipboard

After you have added files from any source, you can use them to upload the files into your app. Whenever the app offers to upload a file, the fileChooser opens and you can select (multiple) files you need. Finish with "Add selected Files" to start the upload process. After you have uploaded a file, it is removed from clipboard automatically.


Upload Files from your Computer

Beside the yasoon clipboard, you have always the possibility to upload files from your local PC. Switch to the folder symbol and select as many files as you like from your PC with "Choose Files". Chosen files listed afterwards - so you can upload files from multiple folders at once. Finish with "Add selected Files" to start the upload process.



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