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Create new issues

One of the main features is the ability to create new issues from Outlook. You do not have to leave Outlook and you do not have to make a compromise in usability.


 There are two possibilities to create new Issues.

  • You can create a blank issue like creating any other Outlook item:


  • You can use your emails to take over the description. Select some text in the email and right-click on it.


Create Issue Dialog

Both ways opens a new dialog that guides you through the issue creation. It is very similar to the dialog in Jira, so you should not have problems to understand it.

After you select the project it shows all fields that are relevant to create issues in that project, including attachments with the yasoon file chooser


Introducing templates

When working with customers it's very common that you'll enter the same meta-information like project, components, versions, etc. again and again. We help you to speed that up through an automatic templating.

If you create new issues based on an email, yasoon saves that information. If you create another issue for the same sender at any later time, yasoon provides the last used issues as template.



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