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JIRA Inbox (Feed)


The feed in the JIRA inbox gives an overview about interesting updates in JIRA. Whenever there are changes for you in a relevant issue you get an update in the feed - similar to the JIRA notification emails.

But the feed gives you a much easier and more powerful overview about the changes as they are all clustered together by issue.

However, the JIRA for Outlook feed should not replace the existing JIRA UI. It's an additional UI to speed up your reactions on certain changes.


Which issues appear in the feed

Yasoon uses it's own logic to determine wether an issue is relevant for you or not. The criterias are:

  • You are a responsible person (creator, assignee, reporter)
  • You are the project lead of the project
  • You have ever created a comment
  • You have been mentioned in the comments
  • You are a watcher


Feed Explanation

The feed for JIRA only consists of issues. All activities like creating, editing, uploading, etc. are group together by their issue. So each issue only appears once in the feed, showing the latest data and all recent changes. The last changed issues are always on top.


Feed Notification in detail

The feed provides you with a comprehensive view of the issue.

  • First Area: The issue starts with the icon for the priority and the title. Just below is the last updated time, the project name in red, all components in teal, and finally the labels in grey.
  • Second (Main) Area: It contains the information of the issue itself. Normally it's collapsed as in the screenshout above and only displays the type, the status, the due date and the assignee.
    However, if you need more information, you can just click on Summary to collapse all available issue information. The available fields highly depends on you Jira configuration.
  • Third Area: This is the action bar. It provides quick actions you can directly do without leaving Outlook. See the next chapter for a detailed description of all available actions.
  • Fourth Area: Is showing the latest updates of the issue. This includes changes of data as well as comments. You can browse through the whole history if needed.



Feed actions

Each Issue notification provides the following actions directly within the yasoon feed:

  • Comment
    Opens an inline comment window. You can add any markup you could use in Jira.
  • Open
    Opens this issue in a new browser window
  • Set Status
    A dropdown proposing all possible next statuses. The available status depends on the current status and the status scheme that has been used for the issue. They are exactly the same as the status buttons in the Jira interface.
  • Add File
    Upload one or more files with the yasoon file chooser.
  • Edit
    Opens the issue in an edit view, where you can change every field. It's basically the same view as creating a new issue - just prefilled with the current issue.


Feed Filters

Please check our dedicated help page for more information about Feed Filtering.



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