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First Steps

First of all you need to connect Outlook with Basecamp.Yasoon uses oAuth, so we'll never get in touch with your user credentials.


Directly after the installation there is a popup asking for your username and password. Afterwards you'll need to confirm that yasoon can access your data.

In case you have closed it and want to login later, you can open the login screen at any time by visit the app settings.
To do so click on your name in the upper right corner and then settings. Choose the basecamp app and click at the blue login button.


After you’ve logged in and confirmed, that yasoon can access your basecamp data, the app will automatically start synchonizing your data.

Multi Company Support

Basecamp offers the possibility to be part in several companies. Yasoon currently only supports one company (but unlimited projects). In case you are assigned to more than one company, you’re asked to select the company you want to use within Outlook. Yasoon can only sync data, if you have selected a company.

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