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Login Error: Timestamp Refused

This article applies if you are getting the following error:


The reason here is a mismatch in local time to server time.
For security reasons, JIRA does not accept calls that are older then 10 minutes.

This means, either the client computer running Outlook or the server are running in with a wrong date/time. Important for the comparisson is the UTC time. So both computers can have different times if they are running in different timezones.

Outlook Server Result
2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3 2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3  ok
2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3 2016/01/01 2pm UTC+2  ok
2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3 2016/01/02 3pm UTC+3 wrong
2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3 2016/01/01 3pm UTC+2 wrong
2016/01/01 3pm UTC+3 2016/01/01 2pm UTC+3 wrong


The easiest  solution is to make sure, you have set the correct timezone and you have synced the date/time automatically with a global date service.

  • Windows computers can use the Microsoft time server
  • Linux Server should make sure their NTP Service is configured correctly.
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